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ben brooks:       fences

ben brooks:       the kasahara school of nihilism

kathleen bryson:       the stagtress

james chapman:       qurratulain

james chapman:       the rat veda

james chapman:       degenerescence

james chapman:       how is this going to continue?

james chapman:       stet

james chapman:       daughter! i forbid your recurring dream!

james chapman:       in candyland it's cool to feed on your friends

james chapman:       the walls collide as you expand, dwarf maple

noah cicero:       the human war

joshua cohen:       cadenza for the schneidermann violin concerto

stephen dixon:       story of a story and other stories: a novel

eckhard gerdes:       cistern tawdry

shane jones:       the failure six

michael s. judge:       lyrics of the crossing

w.b. keckler:       ants dissolve in moonlight

prakash kona:       streets that smell of dying roses

prakash kona:       pearls of an unstrung necklace

andré malraux:       the kingdom of farfelu

vi khi nao:       the vanishing point of desire

carah a. naseem:       pith & amber

i rivers:       black magic woman # zero point negro

j.a. tyler:       a man of glass & all the ways we have failed




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